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Artists Janine and Michael Thornton welcome you!

We work with many different types of media to create our unique works of art.  Each of our creations is one of a kind.  We only make one of each item and then move on to a new design.

Since 1995 we have worked as a team to create many unique works of art.  In the beginning, we worked mostly with fused glass because we fell in love with the vibrant pure colors of the stained glass.  Our work with ceramics began with making molds used to shape our fused glass art.  Since then, we have created ceramics art, found object and wire wrapped stone jewelry, and mixed media creations. Please see the Events page for information on Artefacts the debut of Janine's newest adventure in the media of fiber arts.

Host Your Own Fused Glass Party

Because we enjoy the chance to share our art with everyone, we offer events to see our art on display.  We also offer the rare opportunity to create your own fused glass art at both public and private events for many types of special occasions and fundraisers. Click
here for more information and a list of events currently scheduled.

Commissions are accepted.  For further information
click here.

Please enjoy exploring each of the media categories to find an original work of art that calls to you!


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